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Cardboard SDK – Unity

The Cardboard SDK is a software development kit plugin for unity which allows you to create virtual reality experiences for the Google Cardboard. I am going to play around with this SDK and see what I can get working for some technical experimentation.

What this plugin will allow me to do is start a new VR project from scratch or I will be able to adapt an existing application or game I have into Virtual reality. I am also interested in the ability to switch in and out of VR mode.

Cardboard SDK For Unity (2016) .Website

“The integration with the Cardboard SDK for Android provides:

  • User head tracking
  • Side-by-side stereo rendering
  • Detecting Cardboard-only user inputs such as the trigger
  • Automatic stereo configuration for a specific Cardboard model
  • Distortion correction for Cardboard lenses
  • An alignment marker to help center the screen under the lenses
  • A settings button that links to the Cardboard app for managing headset parameters
  • Automatic gyro drift correction”

Further information on the Google Cardboard SDK can be found at – 04/02/16


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