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VR – Storytelling In Virtual Reality

Basically one of the things we are starting to discover is that it is much harder to convey a story within a virtual reality environment than with say a traditional animation. We are challenged to think much deeper and explore all of the possibilites that the user may experience while inside this virtual reality experience. For example

  • What way will the player navigate through the story will it be a linear or non linear experience.
  • How will the player interact with the experience if at all we need to establish this to understand what game mechanics we will need to have in place.
  • How will the environment need to be made in order for the user to experience a full 3D

We more or less want the user to experience a journey within our virtual reality world in a non linear way so give the user the freedom to explore the world and find other peoples ideas of happiness or memories.

Eventbrite (2015) .Website –

“Storytelling is a powerful and persuasive tool that can change the way we think, act, and feel in an instant.  Business owners and successful leaders know the power of storytelling and use them to connect with their teams, customers, funders, partners and the media.”

“Stories can be entertaining but always have an objective and can be used easily to communicate complicated and technical information.  Whether it is to change opinions, inspire, engage or enrol others, it is a powerful tool to master.”

Feature image and information sourced from – 03/02/16


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