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Virtual Reality Q&A

Basically now that we have a slightly clearer idea of what our idea is we are having more and more questions about the possibilities of Virtual Reality and using the Oculus Rift. We spoke to Greg today and have been lucky enough to gain use of an Oculus Rift for experimentation within the Inlifesize office when the guys are not too busy.

I contacted the guys in Inlifesize in order to set up a meeting to try and get some of these questions answered but they are working on a huge deadline at the moment so within the coming weeks we will hopefully be able to get some answers to our questions when experimenting with the Oculus Rift.

Some of the questions we have been having are  –

  1.  Do we use PC or MAC to setup the Oculus.
  2. How long is processing time?
  3. What is the production pipeline of creating a Virtual Reality experience?
  4. How do we go about this?
  5. What is the best software to use?
  6. Can we use your Oculus please?
  7. What have you experimented with before?
  8. Can we try any examples you have?
  9. Do you have any plugins you could recommend?

Feature image sourced from – 03/02/16


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