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Brainstorm – Pushing The Idea Further

Today we have been trying to get a more clear idea of what our idea is and how we might lock this down. Basically we are trying to answer the same series of questions to work out the kinks of our idea that are as follows –

  • What do we want people to feel?

We want people to walk away from the experience with a sense of reflection and to feel like they have experienced something positive.

  • How do they move through the experience?

They could move through the experience freely and in a non linear way instead of being pushing through the story as this may feel to restrictive for a virtual reality experience. It would be nice if the user had an option of memories or interviews to pursue so that they are not focused on one thing after the next.

The idea is as the user moves through this world they will encounter sprites or circles of some sort like a gallery experience and they will then be able to watch a video interview made with point cloud or view some sort of memory that made someone happy.

  • What does it look like?

We had thought about some sort of pre fractured incomplete dream world as the environment and the user will follow a path or have free reign to explore and trigger events by looking at points of interest which could be highlighted by a glow or shimmer etc just something to hint to the user you can explore this further if you like.

  • How do they respond to it or interact with it?

We could look more into this gaze mechanics as this would remove the need for interactivity inside the virtual reality experience. This would allow us to keep the interactivity separate from the VR and keep it in an instalment type setting that would perhaps have people interact using a kinect or leapmotion after they have been in this virtual reality world and they are reflecting.

  • How do we make it ?

We make it either 2D or 3D and can build assets to place in this world and then use Unity to build the world together as a VR experience.

  • What does it sound like? 

We don’t know what it would sound like yet but we have an idea that it will be some sort of music to keep the player wanting to keep moving forward with maybe other audio effects being used as triggers or guides for something to happen. We would like sound to be a much larger part of this project as we have made the mistake of neglecting sound in the past.

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