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Johnson. B  (2011) “A burst of visual poetry created for a site-specific outdoor projection project in Beacon, NY.” . Website

Happiness & The Electric Projected

Electric Projected (2011) . Website

“Currently, there are two “modes” for these structures: Mode 1: dormant, unused and waiting for someone to show interest in revitalizing the property. Mode 2: active, in-use or in the process of being developed. The first mode is not only bad for the building, it is also bad for the surrounding community. The second mode is typically beneficial for both the building and the surrounding area. The question is, can there be a third, interim mode for a building? Is there a new state that can exist between dormancy and development?”


This project was made with the assistance of sixnfive studio which is a studio filled with incredible talent and humour. This video is so quirky and beautiful and watching it literally makes me feel happy. If we are to go along with happiness as our theme it is going to have to work and we are going to have to look into how we might trigger and emotional reaction in a positive way.

Sixnfive (2012) .Website – 

“Six & Five is a contemporary art studio exploring the frontier zone between art and design.”



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