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Brainstorm – Further Ideation

Today we got together in order to have another brainstorm/ideation session so that we might better figure out what we want to base this project on and is there any particular theme that we would like to steer our project towards.

We seemed to be able to come up with a lot of ideas but what we find difficult is then sifting through all of these separating them into themes and trying to work out what works well together and whats possible for us to do and if we don’t know how to do it how would we find out.

The ideas were all based on trying to work out some sort of experience for the user to follow and not only thinking about what this experience would include but how would it work what would we learn from it, how would we do it. There were just so many questions but repeating this brainstorming process was useful to break down what we were thinking at this stage things were still very up in the air and we had not settled on anything.

An idea of happiness had been suggested to look into a little more but we did not want to commit to any one idea at this stage. We still had time to figure out what we wanted to do so we continued to do that. In the image below you can see how the wild range of ideas that we have been having.

Happiness seemed like a good way to go as we could settle on positive themes and aim to have the person walk away from our experience with a positive attitude but we have much research to do on this before we can progress.


From first year and learning this process it has by far been the best way to approach the beginning of any project I have ever worked on. We are able to work out where we need to be and how we will get there just from this process.

I found that in this project we spent quite a bit of time in the ideation stage. It was hard to figure out what we were wanting to do using some sort of projection mapping or virtual reality. As it was so unique it made it so much harder to try and establish a good idea to follow.

Photo 02-02-2016, 14 24 25



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