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A Guide To Happy

A Guide To Happy is a motion narrative created by the creative company Panoply. The idea of this little project is to guide the audience in ways to find happiness. The main question that is asked in this project is What really makes us happy?

The project is inspired by Simon Sinek and an interest in biochemistry and neuroscience. Two crafts of art and science meet within this little animation in a very beautiful way to create a guide to happy.

When I was watching this video I thought that is was very humorous and entertaining and came away from it feeling happy which is believe is the whole idea of the project. All in it worked it got me to thinking about what we want our users to feel when they walk away from the experience and so far we have thought we want them to reflect when they come away from it but I would also like them to come away with a sense or feeling of happiness like this video.

One of the things that I think is particularly great about this video is it never loses its direction and start to finish the narrative is carried in a way that you know this is a guide to happy. I like the consistency of this video and the aim is completed and carried really well.

The audio of this project was completed by a company called echolab so this might be worth investigating as we want sound to be a big part of our experience.

More information on A Guide To Happy can be found at –!/works/a-guide-to-happy 02/02/16


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