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VR Ideas – Presentation Feedback

Today in class we were all required to present our ideas to the class of what we want our project to be. I am in a team with Mary and Fiona and together we presented what we had in our minds the direction of the project and how hopes, dreams and aspirations would be a part of this and how more than the person using the VR could interact. We hope to have a sort of interactive instalment set up at the end of year show to showcase the VR experience as well as perhaps an outside audience interaction.

We received the following feedback from our classmates and lecturers  –

  • Lock down and idea no clear concepts coming through
  • What is the narrative?
  • Record people’s experiences on hopes, dreams and aspirations (past uni experiences possibly)
  • End of year show what if peoples behaviour in the audience was captured and experimented with using Kinects. I had found a video of audience wide capture taking place in a nightclub which is relevant to this.
  • How long does processing power take over a chunk of time
  • Think about what we want people to feel
  • What VR headset are we going to use – Oculus Rift, Samsung GearVR, Google card etc

Here is a link to our presentation slides – 01/02/16

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