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Lexus NX – Oculus Rift Experience

This is another example of a project worked on by Amaze, Rewind FX and Visualise the same company that worked on the British Army VR experience recruitment project. I was particularly interested in this project made by Visualise for Lexus as an advertising campaign due to the fact that it is showcasing a car and is off personal interest to me.

This experince is not only amazing because it is featuring a car but it is even better that it is a virtual reality experience using an Oculus Rift that gives a tour of the vehicle as well as allowing the users to build their own. This not only promotes the vehicle but it informs potential buyers of what they may like to purchase and exactly what they will be getting.

An experience like this gives an alternative version of a test drive and takes things to a new level and makes them more personal. The project highlights the things that a potential buyer or car enthusiast would like to see. What I find appealing is even though I could never afford this car thanks to virtual reality I can still experience it and build my own.

Information and feature image sourced from – 01/02/16


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