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Kinect – Dance

This is another fantastic piece of work created by James George using the Depth Kit. I thought this piece had a really fresh look about it and it was made in a new way using technology that has not yet been explored very much.

The combination of a mesh of a dancer and her actual footage appearing as these dots or pixels is incredible and I really like the look that it gives the video. If we could look into how this was done and maybe do something like it I think that would be incredible. But as of yet its still early days and we are not entirely sure what direction we are heading in.

Toros. K  (2012) . Website – 

“Using a hardware / software workflow pioneered by creative coder James George, coupled with custom code developed by Superfad, we captured 3D depth data using the Microsoft Kinect, and coupled it with high definition video of a dancer (Emily Bass) from the DSLR. This process allowed us to record footage from a single camera position, and move through that footage in 3D space post-capture, with no degradation in quality regardless of zoom on the subject.”

“Using the RGBD Toolkit, along with the point-cloud processing abilities of the Plexus plugin for AfterEffects, we applied various visual treatments to this captured footage to compile the final project” 01/02/16


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