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British Army Recruitment – VR Experience

The British Army teamed up with Visualise in order to create a virtual reality experience that would allow members of the general public to experience what it would be like to drive a Challenger II Tank. The purpose of this experiment was to act as a recruitment event for the military. This experience is meant to give the user an idea of the kind of situations/events they may see themselves in if they were serving in the the Army.

Unlike a lot of the other virtual reality experiments this one opts for the Samsung GearVR headset. The beauty of Virtual reality is that any props can be used in combination with the headset so people actually sitting in a military vehicle whilst experiencing driving another in a VR environment will aid to the experience.

The company visualise focuses on delivering world class virtual reality experiences and has worked for a huge selection of companies in film, advertisement, recruitment, trailers and musical productions.

Information and feature image sourced from – 01/02/16

More information on visualise can be found here – 01/02/16

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