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Technology driven creative design – Antilop

Technology Driven Creative Design

I thought that these type of projections are lovely to look at and are really effective. I would like to know how these were done and if we could maybe create some sort of motion graphic to not advertise something but to maybe share an experience or some sort.

Antilop (2012) . Website

“For their 25th year celebration, 3M commissioned Antilop to create and design a sculptural logo integrated with a 3D video mapping installation. The result brought attention to 3M’s newest products.”

As I was having a look around the Antilop website I stumbled upon a few Volkswagen video advertisements that these guys have cerated so I automatically love them obviously. Advertising is really taking a more technological approach than it once did and I’m really happy to see this happening.

The idea of these environments being immersive is what interests me. We want to go beyond an experience to impress people, we want to immerse them in whatever we may be showing them in order for it to be a unique experience. An experience remembered is one that is felt and we want to take full advantage of that.

Antilop (2014) .Website –

“Volkswagen Türkiye commissioned Antilop to create an immersive environment for their new compaign “Think Blue” in Kristal Elma Festival.”


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