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Nike Store – Interactive Videomapping

When Nike opened a new store in Turin something magical happened. A series of projection maps turned into interactive gameplay for people within a control panel to change the behaviour of the projections on the building. Sound was a massive part of this project which highlights again that this is something we need to be thinking about for our project. Sound use seems to give recognition to the user in this case so that they know their interaction attempt has been successful aiding the visuals.

Music and colour combined on a massive scale projection area change the experience that a user has in comparison with a room or simulator. The size of the projection area gives the illusion that the user has more freedom to interact. I think this piece is an amazing and inspiring piece of interactive projection mapping and it seems to be a trend that Nike are making use of these new technologies in order to promote their goods. (2011) .Website

“An electronic music machine, open to all who felt like getting into the game, stepping up to the control platform, and letting a Kinect-equipped station sense their body’s contour and movements. Interactivity was literally in their hands, as they discovered the power to turn windows on and off with a mere touch, revealing musical notes and samples that combined into ever-changing audio loops.”


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