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Kinect Spheres Performance & Kinect Experiences

Kinect Spheres Performance

This project is a body tracking project. What happens is the hands and feet of the participant are tracked using a Kinect and Max MSP software and spheres then follow the movement of the persons hands and feet. When the person moves slower music is triggered and when they move faster the volume of the music increases.

This project uses a Kinect in order to do the tracking which is not a complex or expensive piece of equipment. This means that equipment like this would be available to us and if we wanted to try and experiment with using a Kinect we could always pursue that interest. It seems to be that what is being done with Kinect’s is growing and people are managing to get amazing results out of this equipment for interactive installments.

In the video below you can see the performance is reminds me of the music video for Heartbreaker by and Cheryl Cole where the dance of the singers is tracked by little spheres.

Information sourced from – 31/01/16

Interactive Instalment

This is an interactive instalment by Radugadesign that allows for the movements of the viewers which are actually users to cause a change in behaviour on the visuals that are being projected in front of them or around them. I thought it was interesting as there is a scene in this video where the movements of people dancing are affecting the projections its almost like an interactive nightclub dance wall. This is something that sounds pretty cool and I thought that the work was amazing.

Radugadesign not only has made amazing work here but the showreel and website this guy has is sensational. I cant stay of his website and thought I would also include his showreel here.

Interactive Dance –

Radugadesign Showreel –

Information sourced from  – 31/01/16

Tycho – See (Official Performance Cut)

The video below of Tycho – See is a music video that has been made again with a Kinect to capture infrared footage and I think it is truely amazing.

B. Munkowitz (2015) .Website –

“Upon releasing the Music Video for Tycho’s track ‘See’ on Ghostly International, we decided a special release of the Performance Cut was worthy of public consumption, ultimately editing a montage of the entire band performance using only Kinect-informed, infrared footage with practical selects dappled amongst the 5 minutes for visual reprieve”

Information sourced from – 31/01/16


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