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Calligraphy & Digital Glitch. ABSOLUT

Absolut Space is literally a space or interactive installation that features a series of projections based on modern calligraphy. What is interesting about this piece is that they are using an xbox kinect in order to make it interactive. This works by some of the visuals being affected by people as they walk past the sensor. The visual then reacts to the movement and the behaviour changes.

This project is on a massive scale but it is incredible that technologies like this are being used to advertise products. It seems it is not just the film and game industries that are looking into projection mapping but advertisement companies too. The freedom of projection is the fascination and joy about this project. I love this project every time I come back to look at it, it never gets old a truly amazing piece of work.


What we have always been thankful and enjoyed is the freedom of this course and if we decided to go down the route of projection mapping. We would have ultimate freedom and be able to make something so beautiful and creative on some sort of installation. Even a collaboration with another course to feature projection maps on sculptures or pieces of work could have bee something on the cards.

Lampas. P (2016) .Website – 

“Modern Calligraphy collaboration created by Pokras Lampas, inspired by digital projections and glitch. Digital artist Noobusdeer was distorting an image in real time to get a unique glitch pattern by using technology called “vvvv hlsl shader”. We also used Kinect to enhance the distortion effect, as well as to interact with the audience, allowing them to become a part of the installation.”

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Images sourced from – 31/01/16


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