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Virtual Reality Production Pipeline –

This virtual reality experience has taken a real life place and re created it as a virtual reality experience. In the image below we are guided through the steps it took in order to create this project and the pipeline that was followed in order to achieve a VR experience like this.

What I like about this is as we have no experience in virtual reality we really need to know what others have done to kick of they’re project and how they have made a pipeline to work to in order to gets things done. A pipeline provides information of what way production should run but also the tasks involved in the production and the steps that we as new people to VR don’t know about.

In the case of creating a VR experience we are going to benefit so much from learning from others and trying to push our selves to try new things which is more less going to be everything about this project. To us we will not use every stage as we are not looking to re create a real world environment as virtual reality world we are looking into creating our own completely custom immersive virtual reality world, this allows there to be less restriction on things.

I am going to talk through some of the stages mentioned in this pipeline such as site investigation. For us this will be researching other virtual reality worlds and making sure that our environment and content will relate in an appropriate manner. Will be able to use the DepthKit with this project or how will that integrate to VR? These are the kind of questions we will need to answer at this stage.

3D modeling will be a massive part of our project as no matter what we will need to build the world and the assets that are going to be in the virtual world. Very similar to previous animations or games we have worked on we will build the models to be placed in the world that will be bought into unity.

UV mapping will need to be done if we are going to use textures but if we are to experiment with custom shaders in unity the way that we make the objects to take on the textures could be totally different so watch this space.

Scene Rendering is not something we will have to do as we are using Unity but we will still need to get all the assets from Maya to Unity or other softwares and build a scene and world to have it looking good. Atmosphere will also need to be added at this stage this could be through the use of particles or other things.

Animation Making is going to be a big part of a VR experience for us. We do not want a world filled with inanimate objects we want this world to be immersive and for the experience to be interesting therefore we will have a series of animated visuals within the world.

Gesture Design will account for how the user will move through the experience will they actually walk, will they use a keyboard, controller or mouse. These are all things that we need to think about as it is not just how the user sees or hears the experience its also how they move through the world. The combination of these things is what makes it an experience.

Programming to support all the actions needed is where we are in luck as we have access to Adventure Creator a plugin in for Unity that will allow us to trigger all of the events we wish to happen by using actions. There is little to no code involved here we have to think logically like a programmer but we are not required to have a full knowledge of coding however a little is helpful.



Image sourced from – 30/01/16


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