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Virtual Reality Gaming Experiences – 

Virtual Reality is becoming a more on demand experience that people are now offering the general public a chance to experience. I was on groupon when I came across this offer for a Virtual reality gaming experience here in Belfast.

The gaming experience has different kinds of simulations available for racing and flights. There is also a treadmill for use with first person shooter games. It would be pretty cool to try something like this out but we now if we need to develop our research further we could always go and have a chat with the people who run this company.

The fact that people are willing to pay such large amounts of money to use virtual reality in Northern Ireland shows how new and rare it is here. This works to our advantage in terms of being unique and our project having an impact but at the same time because not many people are diving into this it makes it harder to get help and information.

Impact  – 

Virtual reality gaming could encourage us to try out some projects we have already worked on such as Mulbury and Fed up food in the Oculus and see how they come across in Virtual Reality. They will not look right as they have not been made for virtual reality but if we can indicate what they are missing this will help us to identify what we need to make a virtual reality gaming experience work.

Speaking to people that are offering experiences like this or other companies such as Big Motive could help us to take into account what extra things need to be thought about when working with virtual reality. What we are doing will be a virtual reality documentary style experience but to know what a game requires for VR will help as we are thinking about immersive virtual reality as a whole not just as documentary or game.

When this project is completed there is a market for something like this within the Northern Ireland Creative industries. A documentary style virtual reality is unique and we could think about pushing this project a lot further to have more than just virtual reality gaming available to the public.

In the image below you can see the kind of services that are being offered to the public and how there is a niche market for this type of experience.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 10.44.15.png


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