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Swing Sound Machine – VR Experience

Swinging Sound Machine – 

The swing sound machine is a virtual reality experience that places the user literally on a swing with a virtual reality headset in this case the Oculus Rift. There is motion sensor tracking included as part of the installation as well as sound, a projector, lights and well other props such as a fan that even spreads leaves over the participant. I guess if your gonna do it you might as well do it right.

Placing a participant in a virtual reality world using the Oculus Rift is already an immersive experience never mind including all the extras to make this experience seem to real and genuine as a whole other reality. The impact of this experience on the participants is evident in the included video and I will go through the effects of each part of the instalment and the impact that each part has.

The aspects – 

Oculus Rift Headset – Is the virtual reality headset that shows the visual of the virtual reality world a motion sensor tracker is part of this and what this does is enables the users perception of distance to be taken into account. For example when the user moves closer to the sensor props within the virtual reality world will appear bigger and vice versa when the person moves away from the sensor.

The Swing – Is used in combination with the Oculus and tracker to determine where the participant is in the real world and in the virtual reality world however this is a brave trial as virtual reality is known for creating motion sickness in participants when the participant is static never mind adding real life movement to the equation. One thing we have been made aware of it beware of the vomit comet we want to wow the viewers not make them violently ill.

A projector – Well the projector simply shows what the person wearing the Oculus can see in their virtual reality experience so is useful for onlookers to also see the experience however they will not get the real impact of the experience until they try it with the Oculus themselves.

Impact of sound – Is crucial with any animation or moving image and especially important when creating an alternative virtual reality. Sound makes the participant react and what is happening within the experience needs to also be tied in with what the person is hearing in order for it to be impactful. There is a tracker that takes into account perception of distance considering movement but what about sound would this get louder with increased proximity and quieter when the player moves away from the sound source.

Fan & Leaves

I think this is purely an added extra to trigger as many senses as possible and make this experience ultimately immersive in every single way. These are the little things that make an experience whole and are things that should be considered along the way.

The video below shows participants using this experience and the effect the experience has on them.

For further information – 29/01/16

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