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Seat – Projection Mapping

Seat, Projection Mapping Advertising

This was a very smart move by car maker Seat what they have done here is used a series of projection mapping to advertise the release of the newest model of the Ibiza. The projection mapping allows to display the car a changing and customisable car. As with most cars they can be adapted but seat is showing how this car is unique through projection mapping techniques.

Nerdo (2010) Seat Ibiza Fresc .Website

“Atletico International Advertising received a briefing from SEAT Portugal to develop the campaign for the launch of the SEAT Ibiza Fresc. The campaign had to be powerful and notorious because of the tightening competition.
NERDO had been involved in the process as co-art direction, design and animation, while spanish studio Vectorsoul was in charge of the direction / co-art direction, and production.”

“The AD starts with a simple idea: communicate a good price and great equipment. The way it is communicated makes the difference: the “3D mapping” literally converts the Ibiza Fresc into a three-dimensional screen.
The most interesting aspect, therefore, is to challange the boundaries themselves in terms of imagination, bringing the audience in a world in which the prospectives and the shapes don’t have physical limits.”

Projection Mapping Advertisement Trailer

The Making Of Projection Mapping Advertisement

Impact  –

What I think is incredible about projection mapping is that it is totally unrestricted and I think that if we decided to go down this road we could use this to our advantage. Having a creatively open mind and a medium of being creative thats limitations are minimal is defiantly something we should explore if we get the chance.

Further information can be found at – 29/01/16


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