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Insect Traps

Insect Traps

Created by Markos Kay this video really caught my eye when we were embarking on the research what I found really nice about this is the abstract nature of the visuals. I also liked the idea of this character is confined in a space and what is happening around them in all the interesting visuals of the piece.

This would be interestingly interpreted into virtual reality as what we are looking for is a participant to be in a space or virtual world. We want the virtual world to capture the emotions of the individual and captivate them in this new and endearing environment.

Kay. M (2012) Insect Traps .Website

“‘Insect traps’ explores the digital nature of organic molecules and biological organisms. Virtual insects are injected in closed simulated environments where they fight for their lives against larger than life biomolecular structures.”


This project is interesting because as much as it is absolutely beautiful to look at it is also simple. Keeping it simple is something we want to focus on more so this project as last semester we didn’t get the finish that we had hoped for so this time we intend to build a functional piece and then build and build upon it to make it look better and always improve it.

It really is true about the simple things in life this is amazing even though there is a simplistic level to it and we hope to be able to achieve the same greatness. Another factot for us is as we have never worked in virtual reality before it is better for us to keep things basic until we figure out our way around that. Unlike traditional animation creating an immersive virtual reality world involves a lot more thinking about the user and how their viewing experience is going to be.

More information on the artist can be sourced from – 29/01/16

For further information on Insect Traps – 29/01/16


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