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Gamification of Exercise

Virtual Reality & The Gamification Of Exercise

This is a particularly interesting take on how exercise is thought to be revolutionised.  Its the principle behind this idea that I am interested in. Constantly trying to keep things new and interesting in exercise is important and its nice to see that the health and fitness world is joining the technology bandwagon.

Virtual reality has been explored in terms of leisure and having fun but what about if it was part of health and fitness. The idea of exercising in a virtual reality that is much more than the average gym is something I would be interesting as much as a person can spice up their workout sometimes its the environment that gets a little old.

I would really like to explore the idea of perhaps being on a treadmill using a virtual reality headset and this giving me the illusion that I am running through the forest or on a beach. Anything to improve the exercise and provide a change of scenery for exercise go right ahead and sign me up.

During my research on this matter I found that there is already in place virtual reality spinning classes which let the person exercise in a different environment what is very interesting about this is the participants found there was a lower level of exertion while they were exercising.

Sile.A (2015) How Virtual Reality Will Get You In Shape .Website

“Pure Group’s Pure Fitness launched an ‘Immersive Fitness’ spinning class last week in its new $4.5 million Hong Kong studio.

Designed by Les Mills – the world’s largest provider of choreographed exercise-to-music classes – the program features cinema-quality videos projected onto screens on three of the studio’s walls, while an instructor gives cues synchronized with the graphics and music.”

For more information on how VR can get you in shape — 29/01/16


Reading up on this subject has got me interested to find out what else is going on in virtual reality. I would like to know what other experiences are being offered and have taken a particular interest in physical activity being a parameter of a virtual reality experience.




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