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Constellations – Is a truly interesting piece of virtual reality. The idea of exploration within a alternative reality is awesome, This means that if we wanted to we could create a world that contains literally anything for a participant to explore. There are no restrictions on this and the possibilities are boundless. If we decided to go for something in virtual reality it would be an incredibly amazing experience to be able to build a world for people to explore.

As we have never used virtual reality before our ignorance knows no bounds and we can go into this with a lot of ambition and nerve. We will learn along the way and find out what can and cannot be achieved but basically we will not know until we try and we are willing to dive in and see what we can achieve.

It is inspiring to see that other projects have worked out really well and this is an encouraging factor to see what has already been done in virtual reality and also to know what has not been done yet.

Hernández. R (2014) .Website –

“Constellations is a virtual reality project for the Oculus Rift headset, in which you can explore a landscape of interconnected nodes in a virtual environment.”

For more information on Constellations – 29/01/16


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