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Wii fit – Candle meditation (Lotus Focus)

In the candle meditation game on the wii fit called Focus the user has to funny enough focus on meditating to keep the candle lit. Movement will cause the flame to go out. This exercise encourages the user to practice stillness as a behaviour instead of movement in order to interact with this game. It is interesting to see how different interactions can trigger alternative behaviour.


We have been looking into how a user might interact with our experience and we thought that it was interesting how not basic movement but balance itself can also be used as a medium for interaction.

In the video below you can see an example of how this exercise works as the user will be sitting on a wii fit balance board. What the user does and how they movement will effect the behaviour of the flame. Interaction and how human movement cause a reaction in a digital medium is something we will need to address and think about a lot during the course of our project.

It would be interesting to see if any experimentation between a virtual reality and balance has been looked into. This could be a pure recipe for disaster but at the same time it would be incredible if in a controlled environment the users balance could effect what they see inside the Oculus.


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