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Augmented Reality – Zapper, Interactive Novels & Fairy Magic

Interactive Novels – 

During feedback sessions a recommendation I keep getting is why don’t you look at interactive pop up books or as they are also known interactive novels. Zapper is an example of an interactive novel and you use a phone to view a hard copy of a book/novel and when you are viewing it through the camera of the phone elements of the book appear to animate and pop up towards the user on the screen of the phone.

Interactive novels are a form of augmented reality which appears to adapt the current reality you are in unlike virtual reality which creates an entirely new reality. Augmented reality is cool but ultimately it does not have the kick that virtual reality has but it is nice to see how this can be used for interaction and story telling.

It is interesting to see augmented reality being used as a story telling medium as something we are interested in is documentary story telling and it is useful for us to see how other people have told these stories.

Impact – 

Zapper shows how stories can be told and shows us how technology can be used to interact with a real life inanimate object. Zapper technically animates the inanimate book through a camera lens.

At the moment we are looking at all of the different mediums available to us to tell a story and this one reminds me of Fairy Magic made by InlifeSize however Fairy Magic uses the real world for the fairies contained within an app on an iPad or iPhone to interact with the world around them.

I have included the video of the Zapper interactive novel as well as the fairy magic app trailer so that you may see how the user interacts with the devices in order to either tell a story or have a playful interaction with the world.


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