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Augmented Reality – Wonderbook

What is Wonderbook – 

Wonderbook is an augmented reality book experience featured on Harry Potter for the playstation 3 that uses the playstation eye camera. The motion controller is used in combination in order to replicate the behaviour of a wand.

The Wonderbook creates a heightened experience of story and shows an alternate way of viewing and interacting with the story. The user is more involved in the story using the Wonderbook than simply reading and visualising their interpretation of the story.

Impact – 

In a virtual reality experience how the player interacts with the experience is a key aspect that needs to be thought about and taken into account. The Wonderbook experience uses the playstation eye camera and the motion controller to register player movements. This reminds me of leap motion and how the player can use their hands in front of a sensor to interact.

There have been examples of virtual reality using leapmotion but it would be interesting to see if other forms of interactive controller could be used. Research like this can show us what people deem to be natural movements and ways of interacting with a piece of technology and it is important that we know and understand how people do this if we are to make a successful interactive immersive virtual reality experience if that is what we decide to go for.

The video shows the trailer for the Wonderbook.


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