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Group Feedback – Teams 

Seminar Groups – 

Today in class we had to break out into seminar groups which had different people and not our other team members.

We then had quite a casual conversation to discuss what our teams aimed to achieve and to see if there would be any other project we would be more interested in or benefit from more.

Feedback –

As these conversations were taking place in a seminar group style we had the chance to get some feedback from our class members as well as having the opportunity to see what everyone else is up to and to give some feedback. The feedback suggested to me was as follows –

  • Look at augmented reality pop up books
  • Speak to Stephen at Bigmotive
  • Speak with Lauren as her dissertation was on VR
  • Speak with Kristian as he has done a lot of projection mapping
  • Check out the Lumiere festival
  • Speak with Osheen
  • Research more Kinect apps
  • Check out holograms

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