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Feedback/Grades – Final Year Semester One

Feedback Reflection – 

Today we were given our grades for our first semester of final year and its safe to say I was totally shocked. Things weren’t easy in the previous project and I feel like I did good considering various personal circumstances going on.

Although I wasn’t sure if I was happy or not when I received my grade due to shock, I’ve settled myself in knowing that if I work my ass off this semester I will be able to come out with a pretty good grade that I will be happy with.

Improvement – 

There will be various things that I will be changing that I fell down on during the first semester my research will stretch beyond the beginning of the project and will be an ongoing process.

I will not be using a group blog this time and will be independently working on my personal blog to process every last thought i’m having throughout the course of the 12 weeks good and bad. I want to reach higher and have the freedom to more push myself a little further this semester and with not so many personal things lurking in the background I might be able to do that more this time.

My documenting will have to be of a much higher standard as well as improving on my research and not getting stuck in the technical trap. The process itself will have to be more consistent throughout and I aim to finish the project this time and then work up what we have to be better and better.  I think last semester we discovered as a team that it is better to have something completed to be improved on rather than an incomplete project.

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