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Projection Artworks – Faberge

Faberge Project – 

This is a projection mapping case study done by Projection Artworks called Faberge and was commissioned by Harrods to recreate a giant version of the famous egg shaped pendants sold there. This is a nice example of a smaller object being used for projection mapping which I am unsure is more or less difficult to achieve a good outcome as it is for a building.

I decided to dig a little deeper into the Faberge project because It looked so good as it was interesting to see projection mapping being used as advertising based on a theme.


Projection Process – 

Here is an image of the project being worked on using 3D models to project on to which is something we would be able to achieve here in the studio without having to run around with a projector finding walls.

The project is not decided to be on projection mapping and is still very up in the air but it is nice to see what can be done with it.


Images sourced from: 27/01/16


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