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Major project – A team, A Project 

Major Project Class – 

In our first major project class we were briefed about what is going to happen this semester and how we can go about working on our projects. We have the option to work as a team or independently.

We talked to our class members and moved around to find out the various projects everyone was working on and what they were interested in. The projects range from animations to ideas about VR (Virtual Reality).

One of the projects which caught my attention was one in a team with Mary and Fiona the ladies I have been working with for the duration of the year on the Waste Not Want Not RSA project, Basically the project is aiming to have an output of virtual reality, projection mapping or some kind of interactive environment or object.

Reflection – 

I want to experiment with virtual reality to see what the possibilities are and what can be achieved with the different kinds of virtual and augmented reality. During my time at Inlifesize I was able to play about with Greg’s humane project in the Oculus and after seeing how beautiful it looked I became interested in the exploration of virtual reality.

The main reason I have opted for this project is I have showed an interest in how virtual reality is being used for training purposes in the likes of the ministry of defence. The military use simulations to train soldiers for combat contact and after speaking to some people I had discovered that the soldiers do not pay as much attention as they should to this training.

I wanted to try and discover why this is and during a conversation about this, It came to light that this was because of lack of sound within the simulation. During this project I would like to have the opportunity to experiment with sound and witness the effect it has within virtual reality.

I feel like I will learn a lot from working on a Virtual reality project as there are so many other aspects that need to be thought about within a virtual reality experience that are maybe not given as much attention in other kinds of animation. This project will be a massive discovery and I feel like we are going to learn a lot from it.




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