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Brainstorming – Early Day Ideas

Ideation – 

We got straight into brainstorming to get some ideas on the go so that we can move ahead with the progression of this project and to keep the ball moving. The areas that we would like to explore are Virtual reality, augmented reality and projection mapping leading on to some interaction design possibly.

Some of the ideas we have had involve using a series of projectors and sound recording devices possibly in an alley environment. We have named this idea compliment alley and what would happen here would be people would walk up this alley way and as they spoke compliments would be picked out and projected on to the walls.

We had also discussed the idea of a cludeo type interactive murder mystery in virtual reality that could use the likes of the oculus and leap motion so that the player may interact with pick ups in this virtual world.

The idea of manipulating the behaviour of an inanimate object with the use of projection mapping has been another technique that we have talked about using.

The depth kit was another technique we talked about that we have actually experimented with using the Kinect, camera and a tripod as well as capture software.

The impact of sound has been another topic of interest as a lot of simulations used for training do not work due to lack of sound. In our previous projects we have not paid as much attention to sound as we could have so what better chance to explore sound a little more and the impact is has on user experience. Also in order to make a virtual reality experience more immersive for the participant we need to have high detail almost interactive sound.

Fitness devices have been discussed and alternative ways of training using combinations of the fitness devices and virtual reality to expand the usual gym environment to literally being able to work out anywhere in the world from your home or gym using virtual reality.

Dreams and culture have been a few more of the ideas we have had, Talking about the endless possibilities of dream worlds and even staying closer to reality and using the culture of Belfast and alternating the experience.

The images below show examples of the brainstorming sessions we have been working on which can be used as the basis of our research that will in turn spark some more ideas if we have more knowledge on these areas of interest.

Photo 27-01-2016, 13 42 10

Photo 27-01-2016, 13 42 34


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