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Tomato Sauce/Smoke VFX

Tomato sauce VFX is required for the factory scene to make it look like tomato ketchup is being made if Tom and his friends are not saved from the hopper. The easiest way for me to do this in unity would be to use the shuriken particle system and use a similar set up to blood VFX and to make it thicker and of a higher consistency to make it appear as sauce. Over exaggerated blood more or less is ketchup.

As with my experience on my placement I found it refreshing to be able to work on some Visual effects as and when required during the course of the project. Working on the effects gave me time to think about other issues that were occurring in the game at the same time as giving me a break from them.

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Smoke was also required to be made for the truck scene. The smoke would be exhaust fumes coming from the back of the truck. I again used the shuriken particle system in unity in order to create the smoke and placed it in the scene behind the truck.


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