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Pre Xmas – Post Xmas, Play through Progression

This playthrough video shows where we had managed to get the project to before we broke for Christmas.

We met up again today and watched the pre xmas playthrough with fresh eyes to establish and plan what changes we needed to make and what we also need to finish.

The following things were brought up:

  • Edit the map scene to have non jagged edged ellipses
  • Check the resolution of the storyboard images in Unity as they are slightly grainy
  • Move the backplane of the truck scene to the more blue area of the gradient
  • The tomatoes inside the hopper need repositioned to not be inside one another
  • Try to fix the jump of the hopper to be less noticeable
  • The tomatoes should not appear outside the hopper as if they are floating
  • Turn off the active actionlists window when recording a playthrough
  • Edit the shader of Tom to make his texture appear brighter standard > unlit > texture
  • Edit the texture of the truck to remove the white marks on the tyres

The following video shows the game with all of the above issues fixed or edited.


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