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Learning How To Make A Build & Issues

I had thought about this before when we were asked so how exactly are you going to output this and we all agreed that we would make a video. The more I thought about this I was thinking how cool would it be if you could actually play it thought outside of unity that is without the massive project having to be on the computer.

As I had never made a build before I had to use a tutorial in order to find out how to do this so that Unity or the entire project would not be required in order to play the game.

Sometimes the truck scene within the build worked and other times it was off timing. This happened on both the windows executable and in the mac build. I remember first hand that this also happened on placement when we made builds for the iPad however we established that at times game behaviour could randomly change even if the correct logic was set up.

As I made more and more builds to try and solve this issue changing things in unity and editing the way I was making the build I discovered how to make a build for other platforms as well so not only do we have a mac build but we also have a PC build windows.

This was another one of my goals to gain the ability to make builds by myself and Im glad I tried it now instead of just having a video playthrough. The next goal I will set myself will be to convert the project to ios and try the game on an iPhone or iPad just to see how it looks for some experimentation.

I felt really happy that I now know how to make builds and its great that we now have a literally interactive output for this game.

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