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Game logic – If the Player doesn’t click on the Hopper

In the factory scene there is the logic set up directing the player to click on the hopper to save Tom and his friends however if the hopper is not pressed within 5 seconds I have set up the logic that the tomatoes will not be saved and they will instead be mushed up into ketchup.

The following video shows the ketchup coming out of the machine like blood to illustrate that you failed the game then restarts and the player must try again. If I was to do this again I think I would make it clearer that the player is being timed and also encourage them to click on the hopper with a speech bubble or some form of guidance. At present the game quits but If the game was in multiple Unity scenes I would have the factory scene only restart so that the player does not have to play the entire thing through to get back to this point but unfortunately time was against me and I never got to try this.

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