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8 Day Sprint – Reflection

After the feedback we had got in order to make use of it we had to haul some pretty big hours in the week before Christmas. I’m that we made this push to get the project where it needed to be.  This is to do list that we made and it scared the absolute life out of me but it needed to be done and really when I think about it, it didn’t look any scarier than the scrum board we had in inlifesize.

A lot of the tasks I had to do were mainly in unity making complete reshuffles of scenes and creating totally new game logic as well as editing the old. On average we were in university between 12 – 16 hours for almost 8 days. This was the most painstaking work I have done but it seems to be rewarding.

It may be hard to believe but as time went on this list of work actually grew and I often found more tasks to do while I was fixing another sometimes it would take me to build the new scene logic try it a few times and then notice that something doesn’t quite work and collaborate with the ladies to figure out what would be my best approach to fixing this.


Looking at this board now with all of these ticks I simply can’t believe we done it. We worked right up until the university closed for xmas and then we all retreated for much needed sleep. I found that this project really pushed me mentally to keep focused I did feel at times that there was a little too much pressure and I think the only reason I was able to get through it was because I had an awesome and reliable team that were completely on point at every turn.


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