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Truck Scene – Logic Variations

There will be different variations of the logic depending on what the player does or does not do will depend on the behaviour of the tomatoes in this scene for example the following things may happen:

  • The truck drives along the road with the tomatoes in the back in idle state until it hits a bump throwing the tomatoes into the air to a frozen position.
  • The tomatoes will then be active using hotspots for the player to interact with.
  • If the player does nothing the tomatoes will animate to fly out of the truck and the truck will continue on down the road. (Currently the tomatoes are still frozen in the air and the truck has already begun to move on)
  • If the player clicks on all of the tomatoes and saves them all they will animate to return into the back of the truck and the truck will drive on with the tomatoes in the idle state in the back.
  •  If the player saves some tomatoes they will animate back into the truck and the unsaved ones will animate out of the truck and the truck will then continue.

This video shows the tomatoes becoming interactive –

This video shows all the tomatoes being saved –

This video shows a mix of tomatoes being saved and unsaved –

This video shows all of the tomatoes being unsaved –

After the relevant variation of the scene happens based on the players behaviour the scene will then move on to the level select scene which will then navigate the player to the factory scene through use of a hotspot.

Reflecting on the process of adapting this logic helped me to think like a programmer and to write down what I wanted to happen in order to make it happen within the game. I needed to translate what I wanted to happen on paper into unity using the actionlists and animations I had been provided with.


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