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Playthrough – Progession

Whilst working on the project on Saturday my goal was to get the game working from start to finish with the logic and new animations having the relevant storyboards as placeholders in the play through. Along the way I have been fixing problems and adding new assets and adding some new actionlists to trigger new animations. Here are different variations of the playthroughs in order to highlight the progress we have been making.

I have added the factory in the distance of the truck scene and triggered its animation however at the moment it is freakishly approaching the player at an alarming rate which looks wrong and needs to be fixed. I added the hopper to the factory scene and linked the remaining gameplay into the fridge scene to make the game playable from start to finish. The progression to the next level in the level select screen was added to allow the player to navigate from scene to scene. The truck was fixed to start moving from the beginning of the truck scene and the logic was completed to allow some tomatoes to be saved and some tomatoes to be killed off.

I found that the process of creating a play through to see exactly were the game was at was a helpful way of finding the things that did not work and seeing the progression of the scenes.  This was something that was done weekly on my placement. We would have made a build of the game and played it through debugging the gameplay to flag all of the issues that needed to be fixed the following week. The best way to find the mistakes is to constantly play through the game as things are added and trying to maintain a working game from start to finish. This process is not just useful for finding mistakes but sometimes the logic just doesn’t make sense and this is when this is noticed. Reflecting back to how the industry does these things is useful to me when working on this project and using the things I have learned previously.


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