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Truck Scene – Logic Variations Problems

I have run into problems with the logic on the truck scene and the timing of the animations and when I am triggering things seems to be causing a conflict. You can see in the video below that when the player saves all of the tomatoes they return to the truck as they should but the truck animation goes from up to idle position with the tomatoes and this sudden drop looks harsh. The truck then continues on with the tomatoes in the back as normal.

The problems I have hit when not tomatoes are saved are the when the tomatoes are un clicked the truck goes from up to idle position suddenly and the tomatoes are still frozen in the air remaining in the air while the truck drives away and then they animate to fly out of the truck.

I cannot seem to work out what is happening with the logic I am triggering the logic when I need to based on the previs but as the animations are different the timing is now different and when I pause the game for the player to interact with it now causes problems. I am also now having the issue that when I tell the action lists to proceed to the next scene it does this too fast and the level select displays before the animations of the truck scene have finished I am trying to work out why this is happening.

I was able to solve this problem by cutting out the truck falling from the animation. As when the tomatoes were all returned or some returned they appeared to go through the truck as they went to the idle position of the truck even though the truck was still in the raised position.

I tried various ways of triggering the animation as well as editing transitions and when I called the animation. Changing action lists from run in background to pause gameplay and cutting animations down. At one stage I had every tomato with different behaviour but none of them were quite right. I have finally got the near where I would like it to be adding a light and shadows to the scene to emphasise that the truck and tomatoes are in the air.


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