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Truck Scene – Logic & New Models

Setting up the new logic with the new models and triggering the new animations. As I had previously done a playthrough of the logic for this scene on the previs I had to then transfer the game mechanics on to the new models triggering the new animations at the correct times and making sure that the user had control to interact with the tomatoes when they should.

Stages –

  • Importing new assets and animations to unity.
  • Creating new state machines (animation controllers) and adding the new animations clips and triggers within transitions.
  • Creating new action lists for calling the actions that control the logic.
  • Highlight scripts for new tomatoes so that the may glow slightly when the user puts the cursor over the relevant geometry in this case the tomatoes.
  • Testing new animations to sync them ensuring that the tomatoes and truck are playing in the correct order and at the correct time.
  • Hotspots for interaction on new tomatoes from the original logic needed to be repositioned on to the frozen position of the new tomatoes so that the user can now interact with these tomatoes.

Problems –

  • Tomato animations not syncing with the truck animations.
  • Using transitions within state machines


I found this process reminded me very much of tasks within my placement as I had to bring the animations into Unity and trigger them when needed. The process worked smoothly enough but the logic was different due to the animations I have so I had to adapt the logic. I felt like it helped massively having done the logic on the previs and I had the foundations to work with the logic now which not only made the process easier but made it less time consuming.

In order to solve some of the problems with the animations of Tom playing continuously I had to set up the animation controller or state machine in a different way. I would not call animation clips as I had done before I would make transitions between the animation clips and then use triggers to tell the game when these transitions from clip to clip would need to happen alias giving me more control over the animations and solving the timing issues.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 15.42.22

The hotspots are repositioned onto where the tomatoes will be in the up (frozen) position so that they become active at this stage in order for the user to interact with them.

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