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Feedback Response – Editing the game within Unity

  • Changing the factory scene composition. (Adding the capability for the hopper to be interacted with. Goal of the scene is to get the player to save the tomatoes from the hopper.
  • Making the truck a character so that it may be navigated and controlled by the player around the scene.

The video above is a playthrough of the game in its current state. This video shows the truck represented as a cube at this stage being dragged along the environment. Triggers have been set up at either side of the environment disabled player movement while a crash animation would play. Away from the camera at the end of the environment is another trigger that allow the player to proceed to the next stage of the truck logic where a mini game becomes playable. This mini game shows the truck hitting a bump and the tomatoes it is carrying flying into the air the player has a chance to try and save as many tomatoes as they can within 5 seconds otherwise they are lost.

The new hotspot for the hopper represented as a cube at this point has been added and the player can use the button to try and prevent the machine from starting and all of Toms little friends being mushed into ketchup. If the player does press the button the scene restarts and they have to try again. If they click on the hopper hotspot they are saved and the animation of the tomatoes escaping plays.

The camera has been edited to change the composition of this scene as previously the camera was capturing a scene that could have worked in 2D we were not taking advantage of the fact that this is a 3D game.

After the machine scene you can see Tom falling after he has departed the machine but to make it more apparent that he is actually falling I will add VFX made clouds to establish this shot.  The inside of the fridge towards the end will also be changed to look more like the inside of a fridge.

In this video you are able to see how the (truck) cube is moveable and controllable by the player in this scene. The triggers are shown by the red rectangles placed around the environment. The truck was made the player of the scene adding scripts so that Adventure creator understands that this is what the player will control a rigid body and box collider was also added to the cube. The movement type established is drag so that the player can use the mouse to drag the truck around the environment. Collision cubes are added to show what parts of the environment the truck can collides with and this also stops the truck from falling through the floor.


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