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Editing The Fridge Scene

The fridge scene which consists of a fridge model and some sign posts inside it with Tom and his friends needed to have the model edited in order to look more like the inside of a fridge. As the previous model had a temperature box coming from the top this made the fridge look smaller and took away from the scene so I removed this in maya and the screenshots below show the new version of the fridge with and without the doors. The UV’s remained mostly unaffected and had a little free UV space because the inside of the fridge was now removed.

I then needed to bake out an ambient occlusion pass of the fridge that would use the fridges UV’s. The purpose of this is to add shadows and tones of dark and light to the fridge. The AO can be used as a guide when texturing to make things a little easier in the end the AO did not look how it was supposed to look and we decided not to use it but here is a screenshot of how the AO looked when it was actually applied to the fridge model inside Unity.

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