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Setting Up Github – Version Controlling Work

One thing that we had the ability to do when I was on my placement was use a server to access the same Unity project at the same time however accessing the same scene at the same time will not work. It was suggested to me that I setup some form of server so that we could have all of our work in the one location and version control in appropriately.

A way of doing this was by using Github. I decided to try and setup Github and see what I could do with it as best I could. Lucky enough Fiona’s other half Ronan was able to come in and help out with this task and check that I had set things up right and show me what I could do with Github to get the best out of it for the team.

I have been able to put the Unity Project onto Github and the team now have access to it however the issues are when the guys open Unity all of the things it does just opening are included as changes on Github and are over a thousand in number but these are not changes I want to sync with each user as they are unnecessary.

Using the same scene at the same time wasn’t even possible when using a server on placement so either the guys work on a separate scene for example if Fiona is lighting she would use her on instance of the scene light it prefab the lights in the project and I will include them in the master scene this would be an ideal way of working. Another option is I could split up the scene and work on each one allowing the guys to do other things. For a game so small however this makes the logic a lot more complex splitting it up. It makes the logic easier to work with if I can see the flow of it but if needed splitting it is always an option.

The images below show the setup of Github and how it records changes and commits.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.10.09

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.10.17

Reflection  –

It was suggested to me and I then thought it would be a good idea to have some sort of an asset server like we did on placement. This would be so that we could all have access to the same project not the same scene however, but it would mean that the guys would be able to give me their assets/animations etc a little easier.

I think that this process worked well for time management and it was nice to show the guys how to use the process after I had help setting it up. The most difficult part about using a server was as I had the master scene I had to commit and upload first before anyone else could other wise they might over write my stuff but that is the way it was on the project on placement as well.


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