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Reflecting On Feedback

Basically we aimed to have a vertical slice of the factory scene in working order and we pushed to get the differences from the original factory scene to the new one. We have game logic from start to finish and everything works on Previs. I realise now it was in error for me not to show this during the final presentation although it been shown several times in previous presentations and our main focus was to show the factory scene.

We got some useful feedback which was helpful to us for example:

  • The lights go from green to red should this not be the other way around?
  • Button causes confusion with the tomato.
  • The cogs look unfinished (Texture).
  • Tom doesn’t look like he is falling.
  • Tap tap tap interaction would be nice. (Cinema director restriction).
  • Goal confusion within the scene.
  • The maya composition of the truck scene does not work as well as the unity composition.
  • The machine scene doesn’t fundamentally work on a narrative and logical way. (Confusing to the user)

We aim to revisit the feedback and try to address the issues within the game.

Reflecting more on the feedback I thought it was quite confusing and only now I am able to rationalise and make sense of it. An issue of a tap tap tap interaction not occurring was addressed during the presentation whenever this was a restriction that had been discussed earlier within the project I learned that I need to be more clear and concise about what is to expected from the logic within my role in programming.

The feedback certainly highlighted how I could have done things differently in order for this project to be a different experience.  I am feeling quite fearful of the work we now have ahead of us but maybe this was the push we needed to try and achieve more.

If I was to do this again I would have thought more about how the player would have seen and played the game I was that concentrated on creating function that I did not think about how this functionality would come across to the user.


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