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Importing To Unity – Animation

One of the issues I had talked about in a previous post was when I brought the animation into Unity and triggered the animation. No matter where I had placed the object in the scene when the animation played the object jumped back to zero in the world space.

This issue occurred due to hierarchy set up of the animation not being correct but has now been fixed by Fiona. We were able to fix this from the help the guys in Inlifesize provided us with and I am now at the stage of bringing the fixed animations into Unity and placing them within the scene.

When I bring the animations into Unity I have to set up the Model, Rig and Animations and the place the objects in the relevant place in the scene. Using an animation controller I setup a state machine to call the animations based on a trigger parameter. I then tell the animations to play by calling this trigger in an object : play animation action.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.31.44

Here is an image of the settings unity has to offer upon import something are changed immediately on every import when I bring things in for example animation compression is turned off and the model is set to a scale of one which it usually is by default.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.25.19

Reflection –

I thought that importing into unity was a more or less straightforward process after we managed to solve the hierarchy issue. One thing I remembered was in the past when I imported an animation the take name of the animation clip name was often the same as the file name this was because of the @ symbol placed on the file. This became a habit before importing animations as without it every animation clip was called take_001 and naming conventions became difficult to use and understand.


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