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Factory Scene – Progress

Here is a little video of me (debugging) playing the game in the factory scene. This video shows everyones contribution to the project in a really beautiful way we can see the models that have now been textured and placed in Unity with working animation that is being triggered by Adventure creator.

The models and animations were imported into Unity. The scene was built and placed at the appropriate scale. The next stage was interpret the game logic which had been created on the previs onto the actual set. The game logic consists of a hotspot which allows various interactions to take place each one of these interactions calls an actionlist which contains a list of actions that will for example call animations or tell lights to turn on/off as well as activating/deactivating hotspots.

In order for the animations to work a state machine is created and a parameter trigger set for each animation I may then use this trigger to call that animation within an action found in an actionlist.

Whilst working on the gamelogic for the lights I ran into various problems that would not turn the lights on and off. I was trying to use an object : send message action which is meant to turn of the object you select i.e the light.

This however did not work after some research I discovered that there was a script called LightSwitch which needed to be assigned to each of the lights before the light attribute could be turned on and off using the object send message action. Now upon pressing the button and interacting with the buttons hotspot the button animates in and out whilst the first set of lights turn on and so on and so forth until the final button press calls an actionlist which calls all of the animations of the machine.

Textures were exported from mudbox as a png and were added last and were transferred to me using github which puts those files into the Unity project. I was then able to assign each one of these to its own material. I can then assign the materials to the relevant objects and there we have it.

The handy thing about unity is I am also able to edit the animations in Unity so I was able to duplicate the animation of the machine moving clip it to were the machine is just slightly chugging loop this animation and then use it as an idle.

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