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Factory Scene – Polishing

The main focus for our final presentation and last chance to get feedback was on the Factory scene so we wanted to make a vertical slice of this as such. The scene was polished to the best we could for the time allowed adding animations and the new textures that had lighting in Maya baked into them. The logic had already been transferred to the geometry instead of placeholders and I made and edited temporary speech bubbles to carry the narrative a little better and give the player some guidance along the way. Animations of Tom exiting the machine and falling were added and came into unity without problems.

Some of the pieces of the machine that had been re textured had UV issues and did not quite transfer over as easy and the old animation would not apply to the new geometry with as they had different hierarchies. This created some issues that were flagged so that we would not have these problems in the future. The machines idle animation also created a bit of bother and I ended up creating a quick animation in unity that would work as an idle in the meantime as we now knew what the issue was we just didn’t have the time right now to correct it.

The lights on the side of the machine were edited to be actual lights switching on instead of a material change that originally been experimented with. I am glad I made the change to real lights after I had the challenge of working out how to turn the lights on and off as it turns out there is a script for the lights to make them function as a switch and that is how I was able to do the turning on of the lights.

Reflection – 

Watching this video I think that I achieved a lot with the logic and how that functions for gameplay. I am glad now that I made the speech bubbles and included them as menu systems within the scene. I think the animations work nicely within this scene but maybe the textures of the face features could be edited a little to make them blend. I also added smoke VFX to the chimney of the machine to give it the industrial feel we want to have the scene to feel. If this was to be done again I would have gave the textures a go in mudbox and made them look more realistic with rust etc more apparent to try and carry this industrial feel further this is something I never got the chance to experiment with.


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