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Factory Scene – Adding Tom

In order to try and avoid the dreaded bottle neck as much as possible I do a lot of the game logic on the previs basically using the previs assets as placeholders until I get the high resolution stuff.

While Tom is in the process of being made beautiful and obtaining a wonderful rig I used a placeholder and animated this tomato to come out of the side of the machine switched to the next camera which I have animated to follow Tom as he falls to the abyss known as the fridge.

When the asset is ready I will then play the animation from the correct and finalised Tom model and replace the placeholders with the beautiful version of everything.

When bringing Tom into Unity I was lucky that there were no problems with this and it seemed to be quite a seamless process. I remembered from my placement that if there was ever a reason for character animation not to play in unity this was usually due to the fact that the hierarchy of the animation did not match that of the placeholder.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 14.27.17 Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 14.27.09

Reflection –

I think that adding Tom was not only a great thing to do for the story but it was nice for myself in order to see a moving character within the scene. I had been working on placeholders for a long time and to a character with more than draft animation was awesome. I feel that this scene is starting to come together now and the character fits really well with the environment. I think that the speech bubbles are an absolute requirement otherwise it could be quite unclear to the player what is happening in this scene. I have discovered that within game play users often require a little guidance and things that are obvious to me now as I know what to do in the game are maybe not so obvious to someone new. If I was doing this again I would get more people to play the game along the way rather than just myself to try and get as much guidance as I could in order to provide a better playing experience.


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