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Previs (Previsulisation)

As we now have the the storyboard for the basis of the CSI wall (The giant wall of imagery diagram) which was a process used in Inlifesize we will attach concepts, previs and any other relevant shot lists and notes to this wall using wool to connect the dots. The Previs is going to block out the essential parts of each scene to map out the journey of the game and where interactions will occur and how the gameplay path with run.

A model for each scene environment is mocked up in maya to look like a digital lego scene. Certain colours are used with the previs and mean the following things.

  • Yellow – Hotspots
  • Pink – Buildings
  • Blue – Sky
  • Green/Brown/Grey – Ground Planes
  • Bright Green – Terrain
  • White – Clouds

Ambient Occlusion passes can be made on the previs to make the forms and shapes of the previs more apparent and bring the shadows visible, this will be a process to be applied as time becomes available.

Here are the images of the Previs for the game you can clearly see what the layout will be even if the story is unclear. At this stage the previs is acting like a storyboard for the game.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Reflection –

Previs is a process that I learned on my time during placement and had seen some examples of it beforehand. The aim of the previs is to block out the scene and help map out where things happen such as interactions with hotspots or other key events. I am able to begin to think about game logic using the previs and often the previs scenes are used and built up with detail to become the master scenes for the game environment.

I was glad that I had learned this process as when it came to assets being modelled I was able to work on the game logic without waiting for assets and then having a backlog of work to do on the new models.


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