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Inspirational Research – Part 1

Lemon Vs Lime

We had talked about the kind of things that food would maybe do in the fridge to get attention from it’s consumer as such and even mentioned like the toy story, the toys waking up and wanting their owner to pick them. I seen this Lemon Vs Lime video and thought it was a hilarious adaptation of what food could up to perhaps the food is trying to tell the owner something that it is maybe approaching its use by date or maybe it simply feels forgotten. (We even discussed the option that food may have feelings.) The food could leave things behind like a trail of breadcrumbs to get the attention or simply make a mess of the fridge or cover its consumers face due to the neglect.   Food for thought eh….

This quirky little animation showed food getting up to no good and had a cool little style to it. That illustrated the idea beautifully and simply which is something we could be looking to do.

Food Fight

I have been thinking more and more about food fights lately but this is a food fight that a supermarket is taking against food waste which is the enemy. This simple animation shows how an incentive such as a promotional card with a number could be used in conjunction with an app to track the use by date of various products which in turn would reduce the amount of food waste being filtered into the environment.

The App also has the capability to show what is in the shoppers fridge which fights against people buying duplicate products that they do not need because they did not check what was in their fridge before embarking on their shop.

Food Porn

Earlier in the day we had talked about what if the person wasted food and was then teased about what they could have done with it had they been smarter and not wasted it. I found this video and thought it was hilarious what if a person was guilted into not wasting anymore food due to not being able to satisfy their cravings.

This sensuous video shows food in its utmost glory and gets me thinking what if we did the total opposite and showed people how awful and useless food that was allowed to be wasted looks a shock factor could be given some weight here and this might make people get themselves moving to save the food.

Peak Condition

We had spoken about giving food an identity and maybe giving it the chance to speak about how it feels when going through its journey and is then wasted. A lot of the problem is awareness and we want to be able to show people what happens.

All I can think off is a slice of bread disappearing bite by bite as it is wearing away and being ignored similar to what a human would go though when they realise they have been forgotten. Why not emphasise that this literally happens to food but we are slightly more lucky that we don’t actually disappear.

This video Peak Condition shows food in an interview style short, It reminds me a lot of the BBC experiment in which animals were given a voice why should food be any different when neither of them can speak for themselves.

Don’t Waste Your Food

This video shows the way in which people waste food addressing the different options of lack of knowledge, equipment in the kitchen, how different people prepare food etc. The animation is fun and quirky and is pretty much a combination of shorts showing people from all different backgrounds innocently wasting food sometimes its not so innocent but were trying not to be too critical here we don’t want to totally turn a blind eye to our campaign.

This animation manages to convey the food waste problem in one simple way which is interesting and also comforting that it is possible.

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