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During the Friday antics we met up and decided to work on some ideation that would help break down our problem; Design a way to encourage and support households to reduce food waste.

We had a look at the current thoughts that Fiona and Mary had come up with and used this as the foundation to brainstorm. Myself, Mary and Fiona hit the post-its in one of the study rooms to get some visual collaboration on the go so that’s ones thoughts might appear on a window so to speak.

The brainstorm was all very general at the start but we then broke it down into more relevant categories or elements that may change peoples food waste habits such as :

  • Money
  • Lack Of Awareness
  • Food Education
  • Physical Barriers
  • Bad Organisation
  • Unexpected events
  • Value placed on food

The ideation focused on the categories on how each one of these causes an effect on food waste. We used these thoughts to decide how we might portray these thoughts in a particular outcome that is undecided for now.

These categories formed the basis for the questions that we would like to ask people when making our survey.

The team then moved on to form some questions that we could use in a survey to ask about the problem at hand and see what people thought about it. Collecting this information will give us an insight to what people are thinking about food waste and how this issue could be tackled. The more views we have for revision then the more we can understand how we might encourage people to improve food waste issues.

Reflection –

I thought that this process was very helpful and enjoyed working on the ideation as a team. Working together is something I feel really helps when planning the project and is crucial at these early stages. The ideation was successful and worked as a foundation for the rest of our project planning that was yet to come.

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